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Our Gold Coast Bug Squad termite and pest technician’s main priority is the safety and wellbeing of your family and pets. Once, chemical pesticides were so strong that a simple pest control spray around the house would keep common insects and rodents away for up to 12 months. However, in recent years, the safety concerns of customers and animals, as well as native fauna, came under scrutiny.

The safety of pest management became a lot more reliable when organophosphate chemicals were introduced into the industry. While these organic solutions made our job to destroy pests a lot harder, the team at Bug Squad takes extra pride in the higher level of skill and attention to detail now required for any Pest Management solution to be successful. We endeavour to apply pesticides in the safest possible methods throughout your home or business in areas that are out of reach for you and your employees.

During a General Pest treatment, pesticides are applied at minimal rates – usually, the active ingredient is less than 1%. Today’s organic pesticides are so effective that they have the capability of killing small insects with ease. When pesticides are being applied during a pest treatment at your residence or place of work, you will notice they have no odour as they are applied in small droplets at low ground-level areas to ensure there are no airborne residues. This method is much less hazardous, with an almost zero risk of exposure to chemicals through breathing.


The surface areas treated, such as internal skirting boards, kitchen kickboards, tiles and drains, will normally dry within 15-20 minutes. The residue left on these areas will only be toxic to small insects and not larger mammals or birds, keeping you, your family and pets safe from harm.


  • Ensure your house is generally clean and tidy
  • Floors should be mopped, with as little furniture against walls possible
  • Close all windows and doors
  • If you have sensitivity issues, asthma or are pregnant it is considered a safety precaution to vacate the property for at least 4 hours. This is especially recommended if you have an infant of crawling age.


  • Keep pets and small children away from treated surfaces for 1-3 hours, following a Pest Control Application. Rinse and refill any pet bowls
  • Remove any coverings from fish bowls or tanks
  • Re-open windows and allow normal ventilation
  • Avoid mopping floors for up to 1 week. Instead, sweep and vacuum to rid your home of dirt.

If you have a health issue, please contact Gold Coast Bug Squad or your doctor for more information. We can supply msds sheets upon your request.

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