You wake up one morning, head to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, turn on the light and jump back in horror to see little black trails all over the benchtops – ants! You start to investigate and notice the black lines going behind the bench, up the wall, along the cornice and across the roof – but why? What are they looking for? The best way to treat ants is to find out where they are coming from and a Gold Coast pest control service can help you with that.

An ant infestation is a baffling household problem, especially if you’re one of those people who lives in a tidy home and cleans regularly. You wipe down kitchen benches and make sure there are no food scraps to attract pests left on surfaces, yet for some reason those pesky little black ants have decided to take up residence in your residence. Next thing, you’re looking for Gold Coast ant treatments to try to find a remedy to this annoying problem.

Check Cupboards, Containers & Plants

Like people, ants need food, shelter, warmth and water, so that’s usually what they’re looking for crawling across floors and disappearing into nooks. Black ants in the home are generally scavenging for food particles and will target improperly sealed food storage. They can enter your home via plants and branches that touch the side of your house or unit, and they’re attracted to moisture, so make sure there’s no water left pooling in your home.

Colonies are usually located under debris, stones, verandahs and patios, so you’ll need an expert pest controller to find the source and remove the ants. Ant colonies spread rapidly, so you’ll need to organise an ant treatment as soon as possible.

Call the Experts

If you have an ant infestation on your property and need Gold Coast ant treatments, contact the professionals at Bug Squad Pest Management on 0433 070 243 to rid your household of these troublesome insects.



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