If you live on the Gold Coast and are worried about termites, you’re not the only one. The warmer climate, abundance of bushland and proximity to water via the beaches and canals make this subtropical region a paradise for these property parasites. Termites prefer wood with a high moisture content, which is why you need termite barriers to safeguard your Gold Coast residence.

Termites in nature are responsible for breaking down waste so the soil is replenished with nutrients, but when they come out of their natural habitat and into your home to feast on your timber structures you may be up for some very expensive repairs.

A homeowner’s unseen enemy

Often, termites go unseen until it is too late, so to avoid extensive damage to your home, book a Gold Coast termite treatment for extra protection against these unwelcome invaders.

Termite barriers are the most effective way to keep termites away from your building. A professional Gold Coast pest controller can easily treat the ground around your property to help repel termites. Termite barriers are composed of plastic funnels installed around the perimeter slab of your home, pipe penetrations or the ground around posts if your home is on pillars. For termites to get around the barriers, they must make themselves visible, which makes them easier to eliminate as well.

Non-toxic for your loved ones

The termite barrier funnels are filled with a compound that is toxic to termites, but safe for pets, plants and people, so native animals and your kids won’t be harmed.

Whether you suspect a termite colony in your home, or you just don’t want to take the risk, a Gold Coast termite controller can treat your property to avoid any worry. A professional pest controller uses cutting-edge equipment, which allows them to identify any potential termite risks without damaging your walls, floors or ceilings. They can then take immediate action to avoid further damage.

Take the stress out of owning a home and contact Bug Squad Pest Management on 0433 070 243 for your next Gold Coast termite treatment and say goodbye to termites at your place.


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