Imagine getting into bed at night, lying down to sleep then hearing a loud bang, followed by a scurrying sound. It’s enough to get you out of bed and looking out the window trying to figure out who’s trying to break in. Luckily, for Gold Coast residents it’s not likely to be an intruder trying to rob you. Your uninvited guests are rodents setting up house in your home, so you will require professional rodent baiting to get rid of them.

In winter in particular, rats are looking for warm cosy spots to build their nests. This will lead them towards the empty spaces in your roof. This winter on the Gold Coast in particular, has been very dry, therefore rats are migrating in from the western bushland areas in search of moisture and food. This has led these Gold Coast rodents to be busily nesting in roof voids, particular in the Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise canal homes as rats like to be close to water.

Avoid DIY hassles

While buying your own rodent baits may seem like a good idea, it can make the situation much worse because the rodents will likely die in the wall spaces or voids within your home and start to smell – really badly. Plus doing your own rodent baiting won’t rid your property of the problem overall because the nest will still exist somewhere in your home and is attractive to other families of rodents. Also, if you try a DIY rat removal and you do manage to poison a few rats, the rotting carcasses can create a sickening smell, which will have you turning your home upside down trying to remove it.

Contact the experts

Rats can create a lot of damage in your home and they carry disease, so you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The best way to eradicate rats in your home is to contact professional Gold Coast rodent controllers. Contact Bug Squad Pest Management on 0433 070 243 and start sleeping soundly every night.


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