How often do you need to a termite check at your home?

The word “termite” that can conjure fear into the hearts of homeowners and builders alike. These tiny terrors have unwittingly positioned themselves as the enemies of property owners and managers around the Gold Coast due to the fact they can cause so much structural damage, rendering homes uninhabitable in extreme cases and voiding mortgage applications. This is why a termite inspection is a must to safeguard your investment.

Termites don’t like to be found and unfortunately the worker termites, the ones doing the most structural damage, move very fast when exposed to light, so you may miss them. Being able to see termite action in your house is a bad sign because, by the time you’ve noticed their presence, they’ve most likely already caused significant structural damage.

A job for the professionals

A DIY store-bought termite treatment isn’t going to be strong enough to eliminate a colony and your attempts to destroy them will likely force them into a more secure location. So, you need to contact your local Gold Coast termite inspector to eradicate termites properly.

Termites are great at finding hiding places, such as roof voids, heating vents, walls, and crawl spaces, so unless you’re in the pest control business yourself, this is a job best left to the experts. These insects can get very so busy building colonies and munching away on your timber, so they need to be regularly checked to make sure they are under control. Therefore, termite inspections are recommended to be carried out annually.

How much damage can termites cause?

Statistically, termites damage more homes than fires, floods, and cyclones, attacking roughly 200,000 Aussie homes every year and causing about $1.3 billion worth of repair damage. This makes them formidable opponents to properties, so you need to take any evidence of termites in your home very seriously.

Call your Gold Coast termite inspector

If you’re a property owner, the sooner you contact your local termite inspector, whether you’ve uncovered signs of termites or not, the better. These voracious little creepy crawlies can ruin your residence with a well-established colony and nobody wants to wait around for that.

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