Termite Baiting

What is Termite Baiting?

Basically, the purpose of a termite bait system is to intercept termites around the perimeter of the home before they cause damage to your property. The objective of this procedure is to eliminate termite colonies. We achieve this by encouraging the termites to return the termite bait back to their colony also known as a termite nest.Baiting stations are a great alternative to eliminate termite when a chemical barrier is not possible. Baiting Systems are also a safer and a great solution to those who prefer a more natural or non-chemical protection system.

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How Termite Baiting Works?

Bait systems are designed to intercept termites in the ground around a property or structure. When a Termite Technician discovers live termites feeding on the timber interceptors inside the baiting system, we then mix up a powder form bait that looks very similar to mash – potato, for the termites to then start transferring the bait back to their colony.Depending on the type of termite spp and the size of the colony will determine the period of time the process will take, which is generally between 6 – 12 weeks. The termite bait is a insect growth inhibitor which causes termite jaws to soften and enables them to eat anything other than the termite bait. The elimination of the colony will take place through coloniestermites moulting process.

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Are Termite Baits Safe?

Yes, the active ingredient is sodium chloride, commonly known as – salt. The bait has no-odour and is irresistible to termites, as it has a chitin synthesis inhibitor inside it, only creatures with an exoskeleton are effective.Therefore, termite baiting stations are safe and won’t have any unfriendly effects to your family, pets, native animals or employees.

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