December 2018


Why You Need Building & Pest Inspections

Imagine purchasing a new home or business premises on the Gold Coast only to discover the property has a pest or structural issue. It’s stressful enough going through the whole process of packing, moving then unpacking all your belongings without worrying about whether or not you’ll be sharing your new home or office with termites or mice. Along with the

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The Best Pest Inspection Company on the Gold Coast

Living in the hot and humid climate on the Gold Coast, it is highly likely that, unless you conduct regular pest inspections, you will experience a pest infestation in your home or workplace at some point. Sometimes you may notice evidence that bugs are present, while you may even see the insects or rodents themselves or the damage that has

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How Termite Baiting Works

Termites are nasty little creatures that can get into your walls and floors and eat away at your property. They typically live in large colonies and as they don’t like direct sunlight, they’ll find a way into your timber then, before you know it, you are overrun. Luckily, professional Gold Coast pest control experts, such as our team at Bug

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How Much Damage Can Cockroaches Cause?

No-one wants a pest infestation in their Gold Coast home, especially when the insects involved are cockroaches. In addition to the repulsive creepy sound they make as they are dashing across the floors or walls of your home, they carry of number of potential diseases. The team at Bug Squad has compiled a list of what you should know about

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