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Living in the hot and humid climate on the Gold Coast, it is highly likely that, unless you conduct regular pest inspections, you will experience a pest infestation in your home or workplace at some point. Sometimes you may notice evidence that bugs are present, while you may even see the insects or rodents themselves or the damage that has already been caused.

Unfortunately, prior to moving into a property you cannot always tell if there are insects or rodents in the building. This is where our expert pest inspection team members on the Gold Coast spend the majority of their time to ensure your new home or business is bug-free before you take possession.

Pest Inspections

Our professional pest inspection staff on the Gold Coast are experts at locating creepy crawlies, which the majority of home and business owners would not know existed. Combining many years of experience with cutting edge pest-control equipment, we can both find and eradicate an infestation in no time at all, giving you the green light that the property is inhabitable.

Thermal Imaging

One of the ways in which we identify pest infestation is to use our state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment for the areas of your property where termites or other nasties are most likely to hide. These include building exteriors, areas that hold a lot of moisture, such as laundries and bathrooms, ceiling and wall cavities, floors, skirting boards, window frames and cupboards, downpipes, drains and gutters.

Once we have identified the location of the pests, we can get to work removing the offending creatures to create a bug-free zone for you, your family or work colleagues.

Call in The Experts

If you are experiencing pest problems at your place, call the experts at Bug Squad Pest Management to provide the best pest inspections that Gold Coast residents trust.


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