Imagine purchasing a new home or business premises on the Gold Coast only to discover the property has a pest or structural issue. It’s stressful enough going through the whole process of packing, moving then unpacking all your belongings without worrying about whether or not you’ll be sharing your new home or office with termites or mice. Along with the building damage issues, there are health and safety factors to consider, especially if you are in business.

This is why Gold Coast building and pest inspections are essential before taking possession of a new property and, in fact, in Australia, you cannot obtain a mortgage without one. However, you can obtain a lease agreement, so it’s best to thoroughly check the property you have your eye on before moving in.

Building Code of Australia

Prior to any property sale, it is the seller’s responsibility to make the buyer aware of any specific problems with the premises. These include pest infestations as well as any damage or structural issues within your property. Most people are not building and pest inspection experts, so information they provide is likely to be incorrect and based purely on their limited knowledge. A professional pest inspector can examine the property and provide a detailed report for all concerned parties, including banks, real estate agents and conveyancing lawyers.

If you’re renting the space, it pays to be cautious and makes good sense to employ the services of a Gold Coast pest and building inspector for added insurance.

It is compulsory to adhere to Australian Building Codes and standards when enlisting the services of an independent building inspector. Damage and structural problems may include damp, wood rot, mould, cracks, structural weaknesses and fire and safety issues to name a few.

Many of these problems create the perfect breeding ground for unwanted insects or rodents and can encourage termite infestations, which is why people engage a licensed Gold Coast building and pest inspector prior to parting with their hard-earned cash.


Book Your Inspection Before Your Buy

If you are considering buying or renting a residential or commercial space and are looking for an independent building and pest inspection, call the expert team at Bug Squad Pest Management now to ensure your property meets all of the Australian building standards and is pest-free.

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